Friday, August 23rd, 2019

Work Prospects

Working holiday makers are well-received by Australian employers and have a great reputation for being motivated and flexible workers.

While you should have no problem finding work, keep in mind the Australian labour market is a competitive one and your success in finding a job quickly will depend on a few factors:

  • the type of work you are looking for;
  • the part of the country you’d like to work in;
  • and the general economic climate, seasonality and skills in demand in that location.

Working holiday makers have some key advantages over local job-hunters when it comes to looking for work. Australian employers find that working travellers:

  • are more motivated;
  • have a great work ethic;
  • are more available for work than Aussie counterparts;
  • are willing to relocate for employment.

Job opportunities in Australia are incredibly diverse and working holiday makers should be able to find a variety of job vacancies to suit their skills.

Thanks to a strong economy and many years of record low unemployment levels the employment prospects in Australia are very optimistic.

According to Forbes magazine, the industries expecting the most growth are health care services, retailing, construction, hospitality and hairdressing.